West Point Bridge design HELP!?

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So, for a school project, we have to build a stable bridge in the program for under $160,000. This seems nearly impossible to me, since the starting circumstance begins with $122, 000. HELP!!

The space we must build is 40 units across the gap, with one pier four units lower than the rest of the bridge in…

Best Answer:  Well could it be possible your thinking inside the box instead of outside?

Start your circumstance at 100 instead of the 122 for starters.

You know how to build a stable bridge that isn't the problem so put that out of your mind.

I would take a look at a ton of major marvel bridges both futuristic ones that are being built, past ones that have been built an ones that are in use now. Stare at them and their construction. You can compare and contrast them and come up with a vision of your own that will work.

Art isn't easy but sometimes if we look at others and STUDY what has been or is in progress and is in the making it gives us the inspiration we need to get our own work done.

Have you seen this masterpiece that is so simple it is ridiculous?

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