What are primary facrors that engineers most consider in designing a bridge?

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What new and inivated technolody did John Robeling develop to build larger bridges?

Best Answer:  The primary factors that engineers must consider in bridge design is span, distance between supports, over water or not, foundation system, whether the bridge is curved or straight, cross slope of the bridge deck, seismicity of the site, wind forces, the dead load of the structure and the live load (traffic) on the structure; materials steel? concrete?

John Robeling's greatest contribution to the design of the bridges is the steel wire used to make the suspender cables that support the bridge deck. These suspenders are hung from the main support cables which are many thousands of these steel wire twisted together and brought together to make the large diameter main suspension cable.

He also pioneered the use of caisson design to construct the deep foundations for the bridge. At the time the brooklyn bridge was constructed in the late 19th century, no one knew about the effect of rapid decompression on the body and consequently, many men died of the "bends" as they came to the surface too quickly.

do a google search on the brooklyn bridge to find out more.

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